Friday, May 25, 2012

Mr. David Pack’s extensive new article, “Where Will the Two Witnesses Come From?”, is now available.

The Two Witnesses have become a subject of great speculation. But silly theories have replaced what was once sound understanding among God’s people. With the passing of time, as their arrival becomes more imminent, interest will only increase. Few today seem to remember what the Church taught—and so plainly—including how these men will appear, and from where they will receive their office.

The most prominent self-proclaimed “Two Witnesses”—Ron Weinland and his wife—will be revealed as frauds on Sunday, May 27. This husband/wife “team” will fail in spectacular fashion. Sadly, their public debacle will be an embarrassment—a black eye—to those who understand the truth of these two final prophets.

For those who are sobered by this deception, it is more important than ever that God’s people well understand the Two Witnesses. They need to know the TRUTH about the final two prophets soon to appear. You can understand the Two Witnesses!