Friday, April 5, 2013

Preeminent Golf Course Developer to Shape the Grounds for The Restored Church of God Campus

NOTICE: This is the EIGHTH in a series of special announcements. They collectively unveil the massive, ongoing expansion that God’s Church, Work and Headquarters are experiencing. There is a reason for this expansion! The reader should contrast these announcements to the increasing bad news and bad events in UCG, LCG, PCG, COGwa and ALL splinters and slivers of the Worldwide Church of God. You must see what they are NOT announcing, and why they never will—and what GOD is bringing upon them. The place to start reading is either the fifth announcement—“God’s People Back Together—SOON!”—or the first one to catch up on all you have missed. If you begin with the fifth announcement, then read those before and after it. They are all important. An enormous and detailed prophecy is now being carried out by God. He is preparing events to soon bring His people back together—all of them. It is not my task to convince you the prophecy is true. God will do that! My job is to systematically lay out the specifics of what will happen and WHY—good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS A SINGLE ANNOUNCEMENT! If you do, CATCH UP. Also, you will miss the full impact if you skip sections of these announcements.
Restored Church of God Pastor General David C. Pack writes,
"God has opened yet another door to His Church—another blessing, and one coming with a major discount. We are delighted to announce that the campus for The Restored Church of God Headquarters in Wadsworth, Ohio, will be shaped and sculpted by world-renowned golf course developer John C. Copeland. Mr. Copeland has been involved in more than 50 golf course projects in 12 countries, and the extraordinary skill of this man and his team will ensure a beautiful setting for the rapidly expanding Work of God.
"Some background. In 1983, Mr. Copeland was invited to join the “Golden Bear” staff of Golfing Legend Jack Nicklaus. For 15 years he constructed “Jack Nicklaus courses” all over the world, including annual upgrades to PGA National Resort & Spa’s “Champion Course” in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, current home of the PGA Tour’s Honda Classic. Our landscaping manager, who himself led the development of several very large golf resorts around the world, worked with Mr. Copeland on this project. Among his many projects as then Vice President of Field Operations for Paragon Golf Construction, Inc. (a Jack Nicklaus company), Mr. Copeland was instrumental in the planning and development of Gleneagles golf club/resort in Scotland, the location of the 2014 Ryder Cup. As president and CEO of his own company, Superior Golf Concepts, Inc., he is now involved with projects throughout the United States, but also the world. Most recently, because of his expertise in building environmentally responsible golf courses, well-known developer Donald Trump has currently engaged him in an extensive renovation of the Ritz Carlton Golf Club located in Jupiter, FL.
"Mr. Copeland’s shaping skill and meticulous attention to detail will provide a gorgeous environment for the Headquarters Hall of Administration and other buildings soon to come. Planned to reflect the magnificent Pasadena Ambassador campus, the exquisitely shaped grounds will offer an inspiring location for Church activities, including weekly services, ministerial conferences and a convention site for the annual Feast of Tabernacles. The elegance of the grounds and dignity of the Hall of Administration, in the center of numerous buildings, will also provide a fitting environment to receive visiting dignitaries. Simply beautiful, the campus will be a location without equal in Ohio.
"Mr. Copeland’s work will assist in creating a jewel in the Wadsworth local community, and we are pleased to announce that there will be a public area where residents may enjoy spectacular flower gardens and specially decorated grounds. Overseeing only about four or five projects anywhere in the world at one time, Mr. Copeland came to know about our campus development, and “feels honored” that he could participate for “as long as needed.” We plan to use his services through all phases of our development.
"Regular readers know that our campus development is just one part of this large and growing Work. Occasionally, only a few statistics are enough to provide special insight: The Restored Church of God is now receiving many thousands of letters and emails each week. Responses from The World to Come broadcasts are growing exponentially. Our viewership is going straight up. Hardcopy literature distribution is skyrocketing. Statistical downloads are becoming enormous. Our websites are absolute titans on the Internet. (And we do not “gin up” our statistical ranking, as does UCG for instance, by linking local sites to one grand total to look much bigger than we are.) We are also seeing a tremendous number of new co-workers and donors due to the immense worldwide television effort. The number of brand new contributors in March over April was about 80 percent more than we typically see. And recognize that six of our new TV contracts have not yet taken effect.
"God’s Church is into the final powerful PUSH of His Work—and ascent upward further into the “world conversation” that we know we are destined to experience in an ever greater way.
"Almighty God almost certainly planned for this for a long time, maybe even thousands of years, but we did not imagine growing so big so fast. NO ONE COULD! We in The Restored Church of God are truly grateful for what God is doing. And the Work today should be seen as just a drop in the bucket compared to what we know is still going to be done. Of course, this is in part because of the coming fulfillment of the great prophecy about the reunification of God’s people that lies just before us—that involves the readers of these weekly announcements.
"A couple sample statistics from March tell the tale: Easter is a time when many around the world are curious about origins. Many thousands daily find the truth on our websites, and much of it through organic (non-advertised) searches. On Easter Sunday alone, over 60,000 visitors came to just ONE of our websites—averaging an astonishing 2,500 visitors per hour, but peaking at over 4,700 per hour (1.3 per second). We reached people from 182 countries and territories—in ONE DAY! On Easter day, 44,369 Easter booklets were downloaded. (Then there are the thousands of people who requested the Easter booklet in hardcopy form.) Imagine what Mr. Armstrong would say about just this one statistic—seen nowhere else.
"Truly, just as Mr. Armstrong wrote publicly in his last letter, and expressed privately to others, the “greatest Work” DID “lie ahead”—and the greatest part of that Work to be done STILL lies ahead! You can be part of it.
"Brethren in every splinter: God continues to bless HIS Work! Ask yourself why He is not doing this in the organization you attend. Ask why God’s one Church experiences such unity, genuine love, harmony, peace, production, massive expansion, growth in all categories of measurement, open doors, surging income, while yours sees only competing ideas, contentions and disunity. Ask why, as God’s Church continues to blossom, your organization continues to wither.
"Make no mistake: Conditions in all the splinters will get worse—MUCH worse—not better! But we will all be back together soon.
"Remember to keep watching this page EVERY FRIDAY for special announcements! Do not miss next week."